What Do You Mean By Industrial Finance?

industrial Finance – Industrial Finance Define-Industrial Refers to a company or firms that engages largely or exclusively in the manufacture of.

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What are the types of industrial finance?

8 Major Sources of Industrial Finance Available in India

  • (A) Internal Self-Finance:
  • (B) Equity, Debentures and Bonds:
  • (C) Public Deposits:
  • (D) Loans from Banks:
  • (E) The Managing Agency System:
  • (F) Indigenous Bankers:
  • (G) Development Finance Institutions:
  • (H) Foreign Capital:

Which bank provides industrial credit?


Bank Aisa Dost Jaisa
TypePrivate Sector Bank
Key peopleHemant Bhargava (Non-Exe Chairman) Rakesh Sharma (MD & CEO)
ProductsInvestment Banking Consumer Banking Commercial Banking Retail Banking Banking Asset Management Pensions Mortgages Credit Cards
OwnerLIC of India.

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What is the importance of finance?

Significance of Finance

The flow of money throughout the financial system slows down or stops as a result. All facets of the global economy depend upon an orderly process of finance. Capital markets provide the money to support business, and business provides the money to support individuals.

What are examples of financial services?

An example of financial services are services like investment services, retirement planning and mortgage brokers. An example of financial service industries are banks, savings institutions, credit unions and credit card companies. An example of financial service providers are accountants and financial planners.